Educational Development Associates will be shutting down on December 31st, 2019. New user registrations have been disabled. Existing users who have purchased the Issues of Ethics and Professionalism course will be allowed to complete their training within 30 days of their original purchase date.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following should provide you with any additional information you may need about participating in and successfully completing this course.

How long does my access to the course I’m enrolled in last?
30 calendar days from the date of purchase. If you need an extension, you must contact us through the website. Please note that a fee of up to $50.00 may be assessed for each extension.
How is this course designed and what do I need to do?
This course is composed of three Segments and several Modules. Each Module contains a slide Presentation with audio and an Assessment. You will progress through the Modules in the order they appear in the course. You must successfully complete the Assessment for each Module before going on to the next one. Before beginning the first Module, you must take a Pre-Test and download the Essential Document. After completing all the Modules and their Assessments, you take a Post-Test.
Will I receive my score or learn the answers on the Pre-test?
The answer is No to both questions. The pre-test is simply an indicator for us of your knowledge base before taking the course. Performance on the Pre-Test is not related to successfully completing the course.
May I exit from and return to a Module slide presentation before finishing it?
No. Once you begin a slide presentation, it must be finished. You may, however, view a slide presentation several times.
May I exit a module after finishing the slide presentation but before taking the Assessment and if so, how do I access the Assessment later?
When you finish a Slide Presentation, you will be returned automatically to the Dashboard where you will find the Assessment for the Module just completed. You may continue with the Assessment at that point or you may exit and return to that same point later. You must complete the Assessment for each Module successfully, however, before you can access the next one.
May I exit an Assessment before finishing it and then return to complete it later?
Yes. And you may take an Assessment multiple times if you do not score 80% on it the first time.
Will I learn my score on each module Assessment immediately upon completing it?
Yes. You will see your progress and assessment scores on the Dashboard as you progress through the course.
May I exit the Pre-Test or the Post-Test before finishing and return to complete it later? If so, how?
Yes. If you exit before completing either the Pre Test or Post Test, when you return to the course site, you will be returned to the same place from which you exited.
How will I know if I pass the course?
We will notify you by email of the results of your Post-Test and your status in the course. This usually occurs within 3 weeks of the submission of the Post-Test.
Will the Kentucky Education Professional Standard Board, my school district, or anyone else be informed of my participation or performance in this course?
We do not communicate information about individual participation or performance in these courses to anyone but the individual involved unless we have permission to do so. When you registered for this course you had an opportunity to give us permission to share information about your participation in and completion of this course. If you gave it to us, we will respond should we receive inquiries from those you indicated. If you decide later that you want us to give out information about your participation or performance, you must send us a written request to the mailing address listed on the website “Contact Us” section. Tell us exactly what you need, to whom we should convey the information, AND give us specific information, i.e., name, address and telephone number. Do not forget to sign and date your request.
What do I have to do to complete this PD program successfully?
To receive certification of successful completion of this PD Program, you must take the Pre Test, take and earn 80% correct on the Assessment for every program Module, take and score at least 85% on the Post Test, and complete the Participant Feedback and Evaluation form. Your responses on the Participant Feedback and Program Evaluation form will have NO bearing on whether or not you complete this Program successfully.