Rosa Weaver, EdD.

Rosa Weaver

Rosa Weaver is an assistant professor at Northern Kentucky University where she is also a member of the core faculty for the Instructional Leadership Program. Before coming to NKU, Dr. Weaver served twenty years as an elementary principal, seven years as a high school teacher and three years as an elementary teacher in northern Kentucky. While working on her doctorate at the University of Kentucky, she was appointed by the governor to the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) for two terms. She was the chair of EPSB for three years.

Currently, Dr. Weaver teaches classes leading to P-12 principal certification including Introduction to School Administration, Human Resources, School Law and Ethics, and Leadership for School Problem Solving. Her research interests include educator ethics and principal preparation. Recent presentations to state and national organizations include Ten Ethical Mistakes Administrators Make, Administrator Ethics Violations, Educator Ethics Violations, and Teaching Ethics to Pre-service Teachers: A Report of Quality Practices in One State. She was honored in 2005 as one of Northern Kentucky's Outstanding Women of the Year.