Educational Development Associates will be shutting down on December 31st, 2019. New user registrations have been disabled. Existing users who have purchased the Issues of Ethics and Professionalism course will be allowed to complete their training within 30 days of their original purchase date.

Who We Are

Dr. Rosa Weaver and Dr. Susan Scollay are the founding partners of Educational Development Associates, LLC (EDA). They were long-time colleagues and frequent collaborators before coming together in EDA. Then, several years ago, the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board suggested development of professional development programs focusing on educator ethics, and it seemed a good time to formalize the relationship and build on their combined experience and expertise in issues of school law, educator ethics and misconduct, and professional development.

What We Do

Today the staff of Educational Development Associates, LLC works with small, medium and large groups of educators in contexts ranging from 1-hour “updating” sessions through full-day professional development programs to multi-day training experiences. The possible content of these sessions covers the full range of legal and ethical issues facing contemporary educators. Recent clients include school districts, building level staffs, and position-specific educator groups. EDA, LLC also provides mandated training and advanced professional development on a wide variety of targeted topics. EDA, LLC’s staff individualizes training and professional development session depending upon its specific educational purposes, size of group to be served, and time available.

Issues addressed in recent EDA, LLC programs include:

  • Professional Code of Ethics for Kentucky School Certified Personnel
  • Professional Responsibilities of Public Educators
  • Professionalism and Characteristics of the Professional Educator
  • Issues of Law and Ethics for the New School Year
  • Border Crossing and Other Forms of Unprofessional Behavior
  • Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Sexual Misconduct
  • Issues of Harassment and Bullying in School
  • Legal and Ethical Pitfalls Endangering the Novice Educator
  • Law and Ethics for School Social Workers
  • Issues of School Law and Educator Ethics for Building Leaders
  • Fiscal Mismanagement and Other Administrative Rule Violations
  • Appropriate and Inappropriate Uses of School-based Technology